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Anochemical Cosmetics Industries Ltd. is a private liability company; incorporated on 30th March, 1987 with RC No. 93786.

The company’s registered address is No. 3 Fess Abasili Avenue, Ojo Alaba International Market while the business address is km 33 Badagry Expressway, Morogbo, opposite Agbara Industrial Estate. The company’s Directors are Chief Anthony Ezenwagu Okafor, Mrs. Eunice Okafor, Barr. Uche Okafor and Engr. Stanley Okafor.

Anochemical Cosmetics Industries Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing of body and hair care products of various kinds. These include the following brands: Age balance moisturising cream, Medicare Weave on gloss, Sky Hair Grow and Darkening cream, Skin- Gard Cream of Beauty, White- Up Body Lotion, Skin Magnet Body Lotion, D&L Facial Cleanser, After-cut Solution etc. These products are duly certified by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and control (NAFDAC).

The company has several outlets scattered in various locations within Nigeria. This includes depots in Abuja, Lagos, Ondo, Makurdi, Onitsha, Aba, Benin, Ibadan, Katangora, Gombe, Enugu, Kano, Jos and Ilorin. We have over the years improved on the quality of our products.

Some of the  awards won by the company include:

  • “West Africa’s World class weave-on gloss of the Decade” in year 2010 by the Institute of Direct marketing of Nigeria.
  • “Best company in Children, Body and Hair care Product manufacturing 2012” by Institute for Government research and leadership technology.
  • “BEST Anti-Ageing cream of the year 2014” by Institute for Government Research and Leadership Technology.
  • “ 2015 Best Beauty products of the year Award by African Quality Achievement (AQAA)


The company is a member of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN). She  also has cordial relationship with Nigerian Association of Hair dressers and cosmetologist (NASHCO) and Lagos Barbing/Hairdressing and cosmetology Association (LABHCA) and always participates in both Lagos and International trade fair and other fairs across the nation.

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